Albritton Quick Clips Mobile Pet Grooming
Albritton Quick Clips Mobile Pet Grooming 

Mobile Pet Grooming

Albritton Quick Clips MPG

Rolling for 25 year+



Custom Prepared refreshing, raw and cooked diets/treats for pets and other carnivores 

Custom Treats and Diet

Boarding/Pet Sitting 

A Great Escape for your pet while your away. (limitations apply)



Local Grown

ingredients for custom carnivore raw diets


Supporting Local Farmers

Welcome to Albritton Quick Clips MPG Mobile Pet Grooming and pawsTHRIVE Custom Prepared Raw Diet/Treats!


pawsTHRIVE LLC is your one stop answer to all of your pet’s grooming needs, hydrating nutrition, for pets.  Fter filling out form for service, an appointment will be scheduled.  The first appointment with your pet, we will discuss all the options for suggested maintenance between appointments, goal for hair, and any issue that may have occured in the past. I offer an extensive array of products and services that are designed for your pet. Everything is customized around your life style and what is best for your pet. Scheduling is based on a 7 day week.  Once you specify your pet’s particular needs, it is my mission to deliver the highest quality to meet and exceed your expectations. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please email I will be delighted to assist you in finding exactly what you need for your pet.


My name is Cynthia Albritton I am the owner and operator of pawTHRIVE/ Albritton Quick Clips Mobile Pet Grooming. I do not have staff or other groomers. You and your pet/s will only be dealing with me. I  have been operating the business for decades, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the care and pet nutrition. I started my business in 1995 as a mobile pet grooming service where I brought the grooming service to the comfort and conveinience of your home, making the experience much less stressful on your pet and you! With this experience, I have been expanding my focus not only on the appearance of your pet but also on diet for your pet. Through research on the custom processing of raw diets, the benefits of high moisture diets and locating highest quality ingredients for those diets, pawTHRIVE has developed a full compliment of products that are designed to meet your pet’s dietary needs. I invite you to browse through our gallery of pictures that showcase the products that responsible and loving pet owners have fed for over 15 years to their pets. I promise that you won’t find such unique care in services, whether in preparing diets, treats or simply grooming your baby.

Welcome to pawTHRIVE



Please remember I am driving or working on other babies and can not take calls, but your pet care needs are very important. If your price checking, please refer to grooming page.  Look forward to meeting you and taking care of your pet/s.

Thank you






.Albritton Quick Clips Mobile Pet Grooming and pawsTHRIVE Custom Prepared Raw Diet and Treats

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