Custom Processing for Carnivore Diets and Mobile Pet Grooming Service
Custom Processing for Carnivore Diets and Mobile Pet Grooming Service
Albritton Quick Clips Mobile Pet Grooming
Albritton Quick Clips Mobile Pet Grooming 
  Custom Processing Price List for Carnivore Diets and Treats      
Prices Min 25# order   Prices may change with market  
Service ID Service Type   Description                                                                 Price per pound*  
01-0342 Chunk 1/2" chunk (Chicken/chicken necks/beef)blend* $5.99  
02-0342 Coarse grind W/fine grond bone(ckicken and Beef) $5.99  
03-0987 Fine grind Chicken and Beef $5.99  
01-0123 Baked Chicken/Beef $5.99  
02-0123 Smoked Beef 14.20 lb  
03-0123 Dehydrated Beef 14.20 lb  
04-0123 Sausage/lamb casing Beef/Smoked 14.20 lb  
05-0123 Sausage/hog casing[1] Beef/Smoked 14.20 lb  
01-1265 1/2" cubes Approximatly 1/2 ounce $0.76  
02-1265 1" cubes Approximatly 1/4# $0.41  
03-1265 2"cubes Approximatly 1/2# $0.39  
04-1265 3" cubes Approximatly 3/4# $0.21  
05-1265 4"cubes Approximatly 1# $0.12  
01-1387[2] Jerky Chicken, turkey, rabbit, lamb, beef 14.20 lb  
02-1387 Meat Stick No casing/ chicken, lamb, rabbit, beef, turkey 14.20 lb  
03-1387 Rolling Round Beef, Turkey braided into a ball and smoked or dehydrated 16.75 lb  
04-1387 Bone Whole Smoked, raw, Beef, request size .57 lb  
01-9878 Green Tripe Fine ground/ 1# bags 2.98 lb  
02-9878 Complete Tripe Beef, organ, bone, tripe in fine grind 6.07#  
01-0546 Zip lock 3 mil Product 1# thicker bag for longer shelf life $0.06  
02-0546 Tubes Grind 1# package $0.04  
03-0546 Bucket Grind or chunks choice blend - .67 pound  
04-0546 Bulk packaged  Fine grind bulk 50# Bag(not cubed) - .59 pound  
05-0546 vacuum bag Grind or size cubes .19 per pound  
05-1387 Broth Beef bone 2.37 gallon  
06-1387 Treat Choice of meat and blend, dehydrated, baked, smoked price based on market for choice meats  
1. Shipping, specialty packaging, additives, and custom cube sizes are extra.  
2. All products are priced and packaged in 1.5 mil zip lock bags, unless request different option.  
3. All products are prepared specifically for your pets needs and per your request.  
4. Slaughter, processing, hiding, blending 80/10/10(canine) or 70/20/10(feline)are included in price per pound
5. Special meat price is based on market, request a quote for special size, special meat, etc.  
6. Processing selected stock requires two to four weeks to finished product.    
7. Delivery time increases with specialty ingredients: (emu, buffalo, fish, whole cow, lamb, goat, etc.),   
8. Unique portion size, specialty packaging(edible), and fillers:(seaweed, fresh vegetables, quinoa, etc.).  

9. Order Increments greater than 25# qualify for a discount price( Beef/Chicken/blend only)




  Adipisicing 5678-9

Ingredients:  Blend beef, chicken, organ,  bone, charcoal

Crude Protein (min.)  18.0%

Crude Fat (min.)  10.0%

Crude Fiber (max.)     1.0%

Moisture (max.)  68.0%  

***Analysis may change slightly with different choice of ingredients.  








LB 5-10



  LB 10-20



  LB 20-30



  LB 30-40



  LB 40-50



  LB 50-60



  LB 60-70



  LB 70-80



  LB 80-90



    LB 90-100




  The feeding table is based on 3% of pet’s healthy body weight for a daily intake of pawsTHRIVE’s blends.




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