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***     My girls have been eating pawsTHRIVE diet and treats for over 10 years. Best choice I ever made. My dogs love the diet and are amazing looking and healthy. Thank you Cynthia for all the years grooming and providing dependable service and feeding the ladies. Your awesome!! Ben M.


***   My dogs only eat  pawsTHRIVE's  diet and treats, for over 2 years. The best!! KA


***     Thank you Cynthia for taking such good care of our babies. Even though they don’t like baths, they love you and your food. I am so excited to have your food to feed them and keep their teeth clean and them healthy at the same time. Phyllis and Rick M.



***  "We are so glad that we found pawsTHIRVE.  We've had several Mini Snauzzers over the years that have been afflicted with pancreatitis. We wanted a natural, healthy way to feed our new dog and Cynthia was highly recommended to us.  Ollie loves her food and is happy and healthy.  The convenience and personal support Cynthia Albritton offers- from food production and delivery, superb onsite grooming, training assistance, and pet sitting for her clients is outstanding. I highly recommend pawsTHRIVE!" Robin B.


pawsTHRIVE raw diet I love supper time!!

***   We’ve been using the natural raw food diet for our two miniature schnauzers for the past 5 years. It wasn’t until after one of our older boys was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor that we decided to research the food we had been feeding our dogs. 
Research notwithstanding, dogs are carnivores and as such are born to eat meat in a raw form. With Pawsthrive, we are able to obtain the correct mixture of natural ingredients. Since converting to a raw food diet and doing away with dry dog food, our boys are healthy and fit without the byproducts of what is contained in dry food. 
I highly recommend a natural raw food diet if you love your dog!




The Wingard Story - Prince Luke and Princess Ivy

     Luke, our 11 year old Jack Russell, had gone from 19 lbs. to 25.5 lbs. over a period of a few months.  Ivy, our Rat Terrier, athletic and beautifully figured princess had gone from 14 lbs. to 17 1bs.  What was up with that?  Why all of a sudden are they gaining so much weight? Luke was having a hard time jumping up on the chair. Their skin and eyes were red.  They were constantly licking and chewing their paws.  We thought we had conquered the food allergy yet here we were again with all these symptoms.  In addition to that our back yard was so full of poop it was crazy.

     My best friend told me about what she had changed for her 3 dogs.  She referred me to Cynthia at Paws Thrive and that was it.   Our lives forever changed.

     Cynthia listened to me tell our story. She asked questions.  She explained how dogs are meant to eat meat. She met with us and our babies. (yes they loved her more than us.)  She figured out my husband was feeding them way too much!! Yes it was all his fault!.....well yes it was mine too. I must take the fall with him.  We love our pets but she explained that love is not food for our dogs.  Protein is.  She educated us on so many levels.  It was instant relief that this could be fixed and that we weren’t bad parents for feeding them only what they need.  We had to learn how to feed them in order to save them and give them the best life that they deserved.  She empowered us to understand them.

     From November to February Ivy got back down to where she should be which is 15 lbs.  Luke however lost 4.5 1bs!!! 25.5 to 21 lbs. That’s a huge improvement.  He has more energy.  Their fur is shiny and not shedding as much.  No licking and chewing their paws.  Ivy’s breath – which smelled like she had eaten a dead skunk from the day we adopted her – no longer stinks.  It’s normal dog breath. I never knew that would change. I was so ecstatic for her and for me!!  My husband is so happy because no more “yard full of poop”!  

     We are our pet’s voice.  Yes mine have a very loud voice  –  but we were feeding them every time they barked.  The wrong food and the wrong treats.  It’s my responsibility to take care of them not give in to them. I can love them and spoil them without making them miserable.  Thank you Cynthia.  Luke and Ivy love their new food.  We had no idea how much easier and better this would be for them and for us.  No more standing at the pet store for hours trying to figure out what to buy. What treats to buy.  How much to give them. And best of all – my money is used to buy the best for my dogs. They deserve it.

     t gives me piece of mind. It gives my dogs a better life.  Cynthia is an angel on earth for animals and us humans. 

Tammy Wingard

Prattville, Alabama



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